Thursday, June 10, 2010

Some People!

So I am lucky enough to have a gym with free classes at my work. The only problem with the fact that they are free is that you get random people at the classes. I've been going to my Total Body class every Tuesday and Thursday when I am not on travel for about 5 weeks now. I love the class and the instructor and most of the people in the class. There is a guy who was at some of the first classes, but has been gone for at least 3 whole weeks. Today I got to class on time with one other lady and we both set up our equipment (a step, a mat, two sets of hand weight, and a body bar). She set herself up to the left of the room, and there were Yoga people still on the right side of the room, so I set myself up a safe work-out distance away from her, also on the left side of the room.

Enter guy.

By this time the yoga people had cleared out. He is carrying his step trying to find a space to set up.

I'm so worked up about this I am going to make you all a diagram:

{ok, 10 minutes later, and I am back with my diagram}

And guess where this guy decides to set up his stuff! I am not making this up... he puts his step...

SERIOUSLY?!? He didn't even try to stagger himself! And there was plenty of room in front of us to stagger if he really needed to be on the left side of the room.

So the other lady is like, "you're kind of close aren't you?" And he doesn't really respond. He just basically stands there and looks around. It was clear he was not going to move, so I said, "would you like me to move?" and he was like "yeah". I don't even remember his response being audible. It wasn't in an "I'm better than you and I should be able to workout wherever I want" kind of way. It was more like an "I'm a total idiot, have no social skills, don't know gym etiquette, and have some sort of strange need to put my step at this extact spot" way.

I also have to add that at this point I was established at my spot with all my equipment, and he just put his step down. So now I have to move my step, 2 sets of hand weights, floor mat, body bar, water bottle, and badge over to accomodate him. Why do these things happen to me?

Does this happen to anyone else? Isn't this kind of gym etiquette obvious?!?


  1. What a tool. I don't take classes like that so I'm not sure if that's a common occurrence or not, but I know I wouldnt do that or anything close to that. That's kinda creepy.

  2. THIS IS HILARIOUS! Totally been around people like that! Big fat SIGH!

  3. This is sad but very funny. Your charts are terrific!!! I am thinking that you and other lady should have politely picked up his stuff and moved it to the other side of the room, and kicked his butt over there with it!

  4. Ugh, that is so infuriating! It's not only at the gym, of course. It's a personality type (kind of unaware, socially a bit inept) who does this sort of thing! All you can do is sigh, like Erika said. It would have been funny if you front of him!