Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Good Week

I've been incredibly busy this week with wedding planning, but I'm happy to report that the new running schedule is going great! I ran all of my scheduled runs this week along with the strength and cross training. I had forgotten how great the accomplishment of simply following the plan feels. My five miles on Tuesday and today were slow. I didn't time myself, but I felt like I was a turtle. Every step on Tuesday required serious effort, but I didn't stop. I'm proud of myself for being able to take the run one step at a time (instead of being frustrated that I had so far to go until the finish) and showing self-discipline by not stopping, two things I'm not very good at.

This weekend I've decided I will do a 9 or 10 mile long run. Maybe 11. But not 13. And I'm really looking forward to playing tennis with my sister!

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