Thursday, February 25, 2010

9 miles in DC

Today I was supposed to run 4 miles, but my knees were hurting. I didn't realize how much I was favoring my right leg due to the blister on my pinky toe, and how much that would affect me. So I decided to take it easy today and do 40 minutes on the elliptical. I will run my 4 miles tomorrow.

9 Mile Route

I really loved this 9-mile route through DC that I ran a couple of weeks ago. If you live in DC or ever visit the area, check it out.

Start/Finish: Gravelly Point near Reagan National Airport in Arlington, VA. Here's the map. I think you can only access it from 395 North. There is free parking available and some sort of restroom facility, although it doesn't show that on the map.

Start by running up the Mount Vernon Trail. Continue about two miles and then cross the Arlington Memorial Bridge into DC. This puts you right at the Lincoln Memorial. Run down along the Reflecting Pool to the WWII Memorial and then back along the other side of the pool to the Lincoln Memorial. Take the Rock Creek Park Trails up towards Georgetown. Run past the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts and the Watergate Hotel. Run along the waterfront in Georgetown. Cross the Key Bridge back into Virginia and follow the Mount Vernon Trail south back to Gravelly Point.

This run is great because the paths are well travelled and much of the loop is run on paved running trails. During my run, there were other runners (good for moral support), and not too many bikes (didn't have to constantly get over so they could pass). The scenery is great and varied: the nature of Mount Vernon trail, the national monuments, and Georgetown.

You can easily extend or shorten this run to fit you mileage goals.

In the beginning and end of the run, you'll pass the Navy Merchant Marine Memorial in Lady Bird Johnson Park. Since everyone loves pictures, here's a couple pictures of me and my sisters circa 1990.

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  1. Thanks for the follow! I LOVE DC and just reading about your runs makes me jealous. I used to live about 3 hours south of DC a few years back.
    Can't wait to read your progress, I'm needing all the inspiration I can get!