Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Long Becomes The Short

I've been dreading this day since I first saw the training schedule. I can amp myself up for longer runs on the weekends, but now my long run of 7 miles is one of my short runs in the middle of the week?!?!

I was really not feeling it this morning, but I got up and put on my running clothes anyway. I knew that I had a lot to accomplish in the day, that the day would probably be stressful, and that running (or finishing the run) might be the best part of my day, so I had to at least try.

I had run the course before for our 7 mile long run, so I was somewhat familiar with it, but it is easy to take the wrong path around all the monuments. The landmark I was looking for was a pond, which I couldn't find, so I just ran towards water. Soon I realized that this was not the pond, but the Potomac River! There is also lots of construction around the Jefferson Memorial and on the detour path there was a huge impassable area covered in at least 6 inches of water, so I turned myself right back around and made my own path. I was back on track for the last 3 miles, and actually ran 7.15 miles. Yay! I was slow, but I did it.

With about two miles to go, my pinky toe on my right foot started hurting. Turns out, I have a blister. My first running injury! (If you can call a blister an injury). I was just thinking the other day that I need actual running socks, instead of whatever socks I can find on sale at TJ Maxx. I'm wearing my flip flops around the office (thank goodness the boss isn't here this week) so hopefully the blister will dry out. I'm going to tape it for the next couple of runs, and I'll definitely be on the hunt for new socks!

Things to be happy about:

Since I've got a lot to do today, I've decided to start on a positive note.

1. Seeing comments on my blog put a huge smile on my face, and is so far the best part of my day. Thanks LB!!
2. The days are getting longer and warmer. The sun felt great on my face this morning.
3. I saw one of my favorite memorials, the Navy Marine Memorial from across the Potomac River. I didn't realize I'd be able to see it until I did :) I also ran past the Korean War Veterans Memorial, which I've never really visited before. I am very lucky to have DC as my running grounds.

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  1. Your welcome Jacqi!

    That's a cool training schedule you have. For my marathon I didn't really run any long runs during the week, I mean I ran 10 miles a few times but our schedule only had us do 45-60 minutes at the most which, of course, we could add to. I like the idea of a medium-mileage day in the middle of the week, 7-10 miles or so. I got in six today, maybe I'll amp it up to seven next Wednesday.