Monday, March 15, 2010

Half Marathon Plan

I've been terrible about running and eating for the past week. I was travelling for work, so my schedule was messed up. I was proud of myself for running the scheduled 8 miles on Wednesday (although I think it turned out to only be like 7.5 miles). But I didn't eat well and I still don't feel good and/or energetic. And when I say I didn't eat well, I mean I ate a whole box of little Debbie's Swiss Rolls in 3 days, and I still wanted more when I finished them.

I did the one thing everyone tells you not to do-- I totally skipped this weekend's long run. It was a rainy weekend and I was having such a good time relaxing inside on my couch.

Bottom line: I really need to get back into the swing of things because Saturday is the National Half Marathon. To do that, I've gotten back on track with eating well. I'm going to run 4 miles this afternoon. Since the race starts at 7am, I also want to get back into morning running, so tomorrow I will run 8 miles first thing in the morning. Wednesday I will run, but I don't want to push it, so I may just run 3 miles in the morning. Thursday and Friday will be rest days and then Saturday is race day.

I'm getting a little nervous, but I've come up with a plan for the race.

Miles 1-5: Warm up. Get used to the race atmosphere and enjoy it. Hopefully keep a pace of at least 10 mins/mile. Dont' worry about going out too fast, just go at a comfortable pace. Take water at mile marker 5.
Miles 6-10: Get in the zone and run strong. Focus on form and forward motion. Lean forward slightly. Drive the knees forward. Make your legs work. Hopefully run a little faster than the first 5 miles. Take water at mile marker 7 and Powerade at mile marker 9.
Mile 11: Listen to Tik Tok by Ke$ha on repeat. Feel the energy. Take water or Powerade.
Mile 12: Center yourself. Just keep running. Focus on breathing.
Last 1.1 Miles: Run faster and stronger with every step. Give it all you've got. You don't want to cross the finish line only to feel like you could have tried harder.

There is Gu provided on the course, but I've never tried Gu before, so I don't think I'll try it. I might take one square of Shot Bloks with me.

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  1. Good plan. It's nice to have a plan. I didn't really have a plan before my first (and only) half.

    I'll add my two cents and you can do with them what you will.

    * Nothing new on race day. If you haven't taken Gu, I wouldn't suggest taking it on race day simply because you don't know how it will affect you. I'd recommend you take your Shot Bloks and try Gu out during your subsequent runs.

    * After my half, I was completely wiped out. I nearly fainted, at least it felt like it. I think the reasons why I felt like that were because I only drank water and I had no Gu or anything during the race. I would strongly recommend drinking water early and drinking Powerade or something else you're used to. From what I've read and been told, water is good for runs or races under an hour, but after an hour your body starts to use up its resources and you can't replenish them with only water. And if you wait too long to drink Powerade or Gatorade or whatever, then it won't benefit you, so I'd drink it early. Probably the last three miles or so, it won't benefit you too much but before then I'd say drink up.

    * I like your initial strategy. That seems like a good way of setting yourself up for success.

    Anyway, good luck!! I'm excited for you :)