Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New socks and Gu Chomps

After the disaster that was my attempted 15 miler on Saturday, I redeemed myself by running 4 miles a little later that afternoon. I tried two new products. I had new Nike socks and Gu Chomps.

Nike Dri-FIT Elite Running Socks
I was dead set on buying a pair that was specifically for running. I even paid full price (and at $12 per pair, these were not cheap). They looked cool and felt lightweight, yet had some padding. As soon as I put the socks on, I thought they were too small. The package says they are no-show, but the back of these socks barely came halfway up the back of my heel. I wear a size 8 street shoe and size 9 running shoe. The packaging says size 6-10. But I ran hills and more than 7 miles in these socks and they didn't fall down. I have pretty thin feet, but the arch support was still very tight. Overall, I didn't really like the socks. For me, they were too tight (length wise) and I couldn't really wiggle my toes. Also, the moisture wicking fabric made it so my feet slipped around a little in my shoes, even when I tied my sneakers tight. Basically they were just not as comfortable as other socks that I've been wearing. Obviously I will keep wearing them because I paid good money for them, but I would not buy them again. Luckily I only bought one pair.

Gu Chomps
I had some Gu Chomps in orange that I didn't use on the attempted 15 miler, so I decided to try them anyways during my 4 miles of redemption.

In comparison with Shot Bloks, one chomp is just as large as a blok, so I have the same criticism there (one is too big for me to take at one time). The chomps are harder in texture than the Shot Bloks. I tucked one chomp into my cheek and ran with it like that (again being careful not to choke on it). I still had about a quarter of the chomp left when I got back home after four miles (in 39 minutes and change). There are 4 chomps in a serving, which is 90 calories. The website says to take 4 every 45 minutes. For me, these are probably not the best was to efficiently get nutrients since if I don't chew it- it would take me at least 16 miles to eat one serving.

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  1. When I bought my last pair of shoes, I decided to say "Screw it" and I bought me some nice expensive socks. They were thin, looked like they had enough padding nonetheless and I expected great things. Well, they weren't what I had hoped for. I still wear them but they have been relegated to runs of 4 miles or less. They just don't have nearly the support I need for longer runs, and even on shorter runs they aren't that great. I much prefer the stuff I got at Target, which I think I got for like a few bucks cheaper but netted three pairs instead of one.

    I haven't tried the Gu Chomps or the Shot Bloks. Some people swear by the Shot Bloks. Actually, now that you write about it, I bought some Gu Chomps at the store once meaning to try it out. Guess I'll have to take it with me next time out. My thing is that it seems bulky and not as compact as the Gu energy gel, but I guess I'll figure that out.