Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bishop Ireton Cardinal 5k Race Report

I won!

27:10 (crushed my goal time).

3rd place in my age division (20-29 female).

My prize was a pair of way-too-big-even-for-my-husband socks. haha.

I pretty much followed my plan.  Started out fast, dialed it back half-way, and I finished strong.  I wish I wouldn't have slowed down so much around 2.25 miles.  Overall I'm very happy, and I'll work on my stamina for next time.

The race was held in Alexandria, VA on some trails that I was familiar with.  The course was well marked, with volunteers pointing us in the right direction at the turns.  Some of the turns were at acute angles, which slowed me down a little.  It was a pretty small race (maybe 100-150?), so although the trails aren't that wide, I didn't have any problems with crowding.  The trails were open for public use, and we did come across a lot of other runners, walkers, and some dogs, but everyone was polite and it wasn't an issue.  Miles were well marked.  Entry fee was a little steep ($30) but it went to the Bishop Ireton High School Athletic Boosters, so at least the money is going to a good place.  There was a folk band playing after the race.  The socks were a terrible prize, but what can you really expect for age division 3rd place?  I'm not complaining, because something is better than nothing.

What is the worst prize you've ever gotten?


  1. Way to go on the 5K! Congrats on the 3rd age group win:) The best news is that the race went well for you and that you were able to finish strong!

  2. Well done! Shame about the socks, ha ha!
    I really want to go to Whistler or Vancouver, my brother has been there and he loved it! Shame about that bridge, but it sounded like a fantastic trip anyway!


  3. You are so inspiring! I used to run quite a bit, but for the past few years I haven't been able to get into a steady routine. I think it's wonderful that you can and do race. Bummer about the socks, but a prize is a prize :) And Alexandria is a beautiful place, I'm sure the trail was scenic.