Thursday, October 14, 2010

BREAKING NEWS:::: I am fast!

Seriously people, I just ran the fastest 2 miles of my life!

Mile 1 was the fastest single mile I had ever run, until I ran mile 2 even faster.  It must have been the deep dish pizza I ate last night!

The whole truth is that I was on a treadmill, and I know it's not the same as running outside, but I am still stoked about this.

I had no grand plans of making this the day I would push myself beyond what I normally do; it just happened.  I had 15 minutes before my total body workout class, so I hopped on the treadmill to get in a quick mile.  I ran a quarter of a mile at 6.0 mph, and 30 seconds into that warm up, it hit me.  I was going to run fast today.  I wanted to go fast right away, but forced myself to finish the warm up.  I intended to increase the speed to an 8:00 pace, but I acidentally increased the speed to 7.6 mph (7:54 pace) and decided to stick with it.  After a mile here, I felt awesome and proud, so I kept going.  Half a mile later, I was feeling the stitch in my side and labored breathing, and call me crazy, but I actually liked it - I was working hard for that stitch!  I increased my speed again to 8.0 mph (7:30 pace) and knocked out another half mile.  I was late for my class, so I stopped there, but I am still considering this one of my best running days ever.

Mile 1: 7:54 minutes
Mile 2: 7:42 minutes

It is shocking to see those numbers written down.  I think 7 is my favorite number today! Woot woot!