Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Speed Workout Numero Uno

Yesterday I did my first speed workout.  I based it on the recommended interval run from Hal Hidgon.

warm up 1 mile @ 6 mph
run .25 miles @ 7 mph
recover .25 miles @ 6 mph
repeat the quarter-mile set 4 more times.

Hal suggests the speedy quarter-miles be run at the pace you would run a mile race.  I picked 7 mph (or an 8:34 pace) because I wanted to start with something I knew I could accomplish.  Not being able to finish my first speed workout would be a total downer for the rest of my training.  I probably should have run the fast parts faster and the recovery parts slower, but it is a huge mental thing with me that I hate to put the treadmill below 6 mph.

What is your favorite speed workout?

1 comment:

  1. I have an awesome interval workout... bear with me...

    5 min warm-up, walk
    1 min 70 percent
    1 min 90 percent
    repeat for total of 12 minutes
    3 min walk
    6 min same as above
    3 min walk
    4 min same as above
    2 min walk
    2 min sprint
    5 min walk, cool down

    The 70/90 percent is what the original interval instructions I got said. I think it means 70 percent effort, etc. I would swap them out with like marathon pace and 10K pace, or something to the effect. But I don't want to confuse anyone, so you could even say "slow" and "faster"

    The best thing about this interval workout is that it's adjustable. I used this back when I was first starting to run, in my running infancy. I walked for five minutes, then ran one minute at a 5.5 pace, then one minute at a 6.8 and so on and so on, with the sprint at about a 7.5. Now, I one minute at a 6.5, another minute at an 8.0 and so on and so on with the sprint at a 9.0. It kicked my butt then and it kicks my butt now. And if I get to where I need to adjust and go higher (which won't happen, but let's just speak in hypotheticals) then it will continue to kick my butt.

    Another good speed workout... a little easier...

    After you warm up, run five minutes at your 5K pace, then walk or jog lightly for three minutes and repeat that five or seven times.